Our Mission and Values

Educating potential candidates and voters on political and governmental processes, removing barriers that prevent great candidates from running for elected office, and increasing statewide voter engagement, are the primary goals of Indiana’s 92 County Strategy.

At 92 County Strategy, we believe that the most effective way to move Indiana forward on the path to a secure, hopeful, healthy, and positive quality of life for all Hoosiers, is to ensure that diverse groups of well-informed citizens are prepared to successfully maneuver within their local and state governments, not just on election day, but every day.

We consider our Core Positions when engaging in all activities, events, and partnerships. We believe that these Core Positions are the heart of moving Indiana forward and cultivating the future of our state.

92 County Strategy Core Positions

Health care is a human right.

LGBTQIA+ Rights are Human Rights.

Citizens United must be overturned.

Independent and transparent redistricting is the key to the future of our democracy.

Our Criminal Justice system is broken and systematically discriminatory. The Drug War is a complete failure.

Every person deserves a living wage.

Voting needs to be as accessible and as inclusive as possible. Including same day and automatic voter registration, lengthening of the hours the polls are open, split shifts for poll workers, and mail in voting for all registered voters.

Please join us and become an advocate in your area for a 92 County Strategy today!