Progress With A Purpose

At 92 County Strategy, we believe that the most effective way to move Indiana forward on the path to a secure, hopeful, healthy, and positive quality of life for all Hoosiers, is to ensure that diverse groups of well-informed citizens are prepared to successfully engage with their local and state governments, not just on election day, but every day.

So, beginning in April 2017, on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, 92 County Strategy will present a free “webinar” on topics such as local elected offices, their job requirements, and how to go about running for local office. Please go to our calendar to see what topics are coming up. If you have questions or suggestions for future webinars, please contact us.
Civic engagement by ordinary people motivated by neighborly goodwill is of the utmost importance to the continuation of a free and fair society and to restore faith in our nation’s democracy. A robust democracy can only flourish through education and dedicated efforts to improve access to government for all people.

Please join us and become an advocate in your area for a 92 county strategy today.

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