Activist Hour Series is off to a great start!

Removing barriers that prevent people from running for office is key to creating a local government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people. By educating citizens on small local offices that are the heart of their communities, helping finance basic items that can make or break those elections, and teaching people how to maneuver inside the system, we at 92 County Strategy hope to inspire and assist normal everyday folks into heeding the call of public service.

Our first effort is a discussion series called, Activist Hour. Our Activist Hour series is designed to give a brief overview of various elected offices and allow Hoosiers to see that these officials are your neighbors and friends. Folks that you would meet on the street. The only difference being that these people have decided to put themselves out there in the community and serve in an official capacity.

These offices are both important and attainableActivist Hour, gives everyone interested the chance to ask questions and get real answers. We have been lucky enough to have had guests like Former State Representative Christina Hale, Switzerland County Schools Superintendent and former County Council member, Mike Jones, as well as many other local officials, activists, and organizers, on the show to provide our listeners with an in-depth view of local offices, procedures, and organizational techniques. This is great information and best of all, it is brought to everyone FREE because of donations by people like you!

All of the sessions we have produced are available online on our YouTube Channel for ease of access. If you would like to be notified of upcoming events, please subscribe to our newsletter today!

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