Free Robert’s Rules Help Guide

This guide was compiled by Carl E. Pease, Registered Parliamentarian.

It contains:

  1. Parliamentary Quotations
  2. “We don’t want to use Parliamentary Procedure!”
  3. Basic Principles
  4. Rights of Membership
  5. Common Misconceptions
  6. Meetings
  7. Making Meetings Work
  8. Sample Order of Business
  9. Minutes
  10. Handling a motion
  11. Rules about Motions
  12. Making Amendments
  13. Rules Governing Debate
  14. Tactics of Debate
  15. Voting
  16. Boards and Committees
  17. Making Committees Work
  18. The Committee Report
  19. Things You Want to Do
  20. Major Articles of Bylaws
  21. Parliamentarian Bookshelf

On January 18th, we held Session 2 of the Robert’s Rules of Order Free Class. Covering tactics of debate, maneuvering in small meetings, which motion someone needs to accomplish a specific goal, answering all your great questions! Watch Session 1 below.

The guide is free to use and share at will, with unedited footers containing Mr. Pease’s information intact.

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