What are Precinct Committee People and State Delegates?

The Precinct Committee Person(PCP) is the grassroots organizer of the political party structure.

It’s their job to perform essential functions like working the polls or finding someone to do so, electing county party committees, filling vacancies on things like park boards, passing campaign literature, registering the voters in their precinct, and a few other items. The time commitment for a PCP is not high except at election time. Otherwise, it’s usually 1 meeting per month, and maybe 1 afternoon, or 2, to visit with the people that live in your precinct.

What is involved in being a State Convention Delegate(SD)?

It’s a 1-time appearance. You vote for state office candidates like SOS and State Treasurer that will be on the November ballot. You also attend your district caucus and have the ability to pass/vote down things like rule changes that might come from committees held after the caucus.
  • 1-day, voter-elected, party-office position.
  • Great for folks that want to be a PCP but don’t have the time.

The filing deadline is February 9th at noon!!

CAN37 form to file to run for PCP and SD.
To run for both positions, you must fill out 2 forms. Completed forms must be signed in front of a notary and turned in to your county clerk/election office by February 9th at noon.

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