Precinct Committee Person Training – Wednesday

Let’s Get Started!

You signed up to run for Precinct Committee Person and now you are wondering about what your responsibilities will be and what to do next. Don’t worry. Remember, 92 County Strategy is here for you! After implementing our Information Resource Request, we realized that offering an 8-part training series on your new role called “How to PCP” would be the best help we could offer new precinct committee candidates. This Wednesday will be the first session. Join us and gain confidence in your upcoming journey.


Join us each week as we walk you through the process of learning to be an effective and important part of your community.

Contest Still Going!

Don’t forget about #DareToDem! Running until February 28th, Women Reshaping Indiana and 92 County Strategy are challenging everyone from individuals to party representatives and elected officials to get involved and participate in Democratic events. For every selfie posted with #DareToDem, we will donate $0.25 to the Indiana Undocumented Youth Alliance.

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