2018 IN92 Primary Candidate Guide

92 County Strategy has been accepting responses to the 2018 Candidate Survey for several months. Below are the responses from Candidates that completed the Survey.

If you are a 2018 General Election candidate, please complete the 2018 General Election survey by October 1st for inclusion in our November 2018 Candidate Guide. 

First, respondents were asked to select their level of support(1-lowest to 5-highest)  of the Core Positions of 92 County Strategy.

Healthcare is a human right.

LGBTQIA+ Rights are Human Rights.

Citizens United must be overturned.

Independent and transparent redistricting is key to the future of our democracy.

Our Criminal Justice system is broken and the Drug War is a complete failure.

Every person deserves a living wage.

Voting needs to be as accessible as possible to everyone involved.

Then, in keeping with the theme of our goal to display candidates as people before politicians, the respondents were asked to answer these questions.

Have you ever run for an office before?

Why did you decide to run for office?

What are your goals, if elected?

Describe your most proud public service moment.


Please Click on the Respondent’s Name to be taken to their answers.

Loretta Barnes – IN House District 13

Tobi Beck – US Congress – Indiana District 4

Beverly Campbell – Adams Township Trustee

Daniel L Gould – Lagrange County Council

Dion Douglas – 5th District US House Representative

Christina Fivecoate – State Senate District 21

Katy Gentry McCord – State Convention Delegate Hamilton County District 4

Mark Hinton – Indiana House District 39

A. Marie Hitze – Marion County State delegate and Precinct Committeeman Warren 28-11

John Hurley – State Representative Indiana District 75

Matt Cummings – Putnam County Council District #3

Chase Meehan – Precinct Committeeman – Vigo County Precinct 5-C

Zion Moulder – Precinct Committeeman (23-Allen Noble County)

Anna Murray – Indiana State Senate, District 46

Paula Nance – Ohio Township Precinct Committeeman and Convention delegate

Amie Neiling – Indiana House District 32

Gina Robinson Ungar – Democratic Precinct Committee-Person, Vanderburgh County 4-16

Sheryl Shipley – IN State Senate District 22

Lisa Shotts – Auditor

Lane Siekman – US Representative – 6th District

Sue Spicer – IN-7TH House – Democratic primary

Ilana Stonebraker – Tippecanoe County Council District 1

Tracy Roberts – Indiana Representative District 29

Erin Vahrenkamp – Clay Township Board – Hamilton County

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