Convention Day: Explained

The 2018 Indiana Democratic State Convention is June 16th at the Indiana Convention Center. During the convention, State Delegates will vote on things like committee appointments, candidates, and the 2018 Indiana Democratic Party platform.

To become a State Delegate, a registered Democrat has to file a Declaration of Candidacy by the February deadline or be appointed by their County Democratic Chair. If you want to be a delegate, call your county chair soon and ask to be appointed. If there are spots still available, you might just get one! They have to send their list to the state party by June 8th.  Find your chair!

The day of convention starts well before the first meeting for many delegates. The Hoosier Hospitality dinner is the night before, so some go up to mix and mingle and stay the night. The party even reserves a block of rooms at a discounted, yet still unaffordable for many,  rate of $165 a night. For those that can not get away the night before or can not afford the cost of being a delegate ($35, but this can vary by county, plus parking and lodging) they start the day with a drive to Indianapolis.

Delegates must check in and get their credentials by 9:30 in the morning. then there are the District Caucus meetings from 9:30-11:30. In those meetings, delegates will hear from candidates for state offices including Jim Harper, the Secretary of State Candidate, and John Aguilera, the State Treasurer candidate. Delegates will also vote for which members their district wants to be appointed to the afternoon committees: the Resolutions, Rules, and Credentials Committees(more on those later).

Lunch is not provided so bring a sack or plan on buying at one of the local restaurants as you only get 11:30-12:30 before your next set of meetings. At 12:30, the Constituency Caucus groups will be meeting simultaneously in different rooms, for 1 hour. To learn more about the Constituency Caucuses, go to the INDems website.

Okay, just 2 meeting sessions left in the day now. We meant it when we said a #DelegateTip was that sneakers are professional. Wear them. Your feet will thank you.

After the Caucus groups meet, there are the Committee Meetings from 1:30 to 3pm. There are 3 committees; Rules, Credentials, and Resolutions. These committees are made of the Delegates that YOU vote for in the morning District Caucus meetings. They each do very different things.

The Credentials Committee verifies how many delegates are valid delegates and allowed to vote in the General Session. This also defines the total number of delegates that constitute a quorum. A quorum is “the minimum number of members of an assembly or society that must be present at any of its meetings to make the proceedings of that meeting valid.” If delegates leave after the morning meeting, this can affect the quorum total, so STAY ALL DAY.

The Rules Committee meets to formally approve the Temporary Convention rules that are drafted by the State Central Committee. “The Temporary Rules shall be made Permanent by the Convention by voice vote upon a motion by the Temporary or Permanent Chair. These are the official rules of the 2018 State Convention.” – Temporary Convention Rules

The Resolutions Committee is responsible for considering resolutions that have gathered 25% of the delegates signatures, or resolutions presented by Committee members themselves. If a resolution is attempting to be presented based on signatures, those signatures must be turned in by 10am the day of the convention. If you see someone getting signatures while you are getting your credentials, ask them what it’s about and sign their petition, if you support it being heard in the Resolutions Committee meeting. Their idea will not be heard without your support. After deliberations and a vote, resolutions with at least 6 of the 9 members’ support will be sent to the General Assembly for full consideration.

The last meeting of the day is from 3pm to 5pm – the General Assembly. This is where you will vote to nominate the state office candidates like Secretary of State and State Treasurer. You will also vote to enact the temporary rules, approve the credentials report, and vote on any resolutions that make it out of the committee.

If you want to run for a Rules, Credentials, or Resolutions Committee spot, be sure to contact your district chair to get the proper form, which must be filed with the State Party by June 8th.

Make sure to book a room now if you are going to stay overnight. Set up transportation, childcare, and be sure to budget for parking and lunch. If you have any questions, contact us.

92 County Strategy would like to get a picture of all of our members that are at the convention. Please meet at 12:10 outside the Sagamore Ballroom, 2nd floor, on the corner of Sagamore and Crossroads.

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