For Immediate Release: Noblesville School Shooting

Once again we find ourselves in the throes of preventable gun violence while the tone-deaf oft-repeated line of ‘thoughts and prayers,’ without action, continue to pour out from those in power who can change these outcomes.

To the victim, students, and their families, 92 County Strategy stands ready to do everything in our power to combat preventable gun violence. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you to make those efforts a realization. Lives were forever changed for the children, staff, and administrators of Noblesville West Middle School. A place where parents once sent their children to learn, and will now send them with heightened fear and worry.

We encourage you to go to a Moms Demand Action meeting near you. We encourage you to listen with open hearts and hear that gun violence is absolutely preventable and can be effectively decreased through communication and vigilance. We encourage you to call your representatives and demand action. We encourage you to put this fear, grief, and tragedy into channeled action that makes a difference. We encourage you to vote for those who would make gun violence a top priority in their platform this fall.

Find your local Moms Demand Action group!


You can find more information here:



92 County Strategy Leadership Council

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