Endorsement Survey Available Now!

In preparation for the 2018 midterm elections, 92 County Strategy has prepared an opt-in questionnaire for candidate endorsements.

This questionnaire is for state and local level candidates. Please share this with candidates that you would like to see endorsed by 92 County Strategy.

92 County Strategy is dedicated to educating potential candidates and voters on political and governmental processes, removing barriers that prevent great candidates from running for elected office, and increasing statewide voter engagement, are the primary goals of Indiana’s 92 County Strategy.
At 92 County Strategy, we believe that the most effective way to move Indiana forward on the path to a secure, hopeful, healthy, and positive quality of life for all Hoosiers, is to ensure that diverse groups of well-informed citizens are prepared to successfully maneuver within their local and state governments, not just on election day, but every day.

We are an all-volunteer group across the Hoosier state and we have been working for months to push for progressive representation and political accessibility for all of Indiana’s 92 Counties.
Please share with ANY AND ALL candidates running for state or local office in Indiana.

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